Panchkula: Here’s piece of good news for the parents of girls in Haryana worrying for their daughters’ marriages. The financial aid provided to the labourers for solemnizing their daugthers’ marriage under the ‘Kanyadaan’ scheme has been raised to Rs 51,000 from Rs 21,000. Besides, the girls working in the industrial units will also be provided with financial assistance of Rs 51,000 for their marriage. 

Making the announcement on Friday during a function organized by Haryana Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Labour and Employment minister of Haryana, Shiv Charan Lal Sharma said, “Earlier the aid was provided to the labourers whose service period and voluntary contribution was for five years. However, the government has reduced the time limit and those workers whose service period will be of two years will also avail the benefits of the scheme.”

He also announced for increasing the retirement age of labours from 58 years to 60 years.

“In order to prevent the workers from boredom, the government has started a scheme which will relieve them from continuous work. Under the scheme, the government will be providing additional conveyance amount to the labourers for the visit to the religious locations like Hrishikesh, Vaishno Devi, Ajmer and Amritsar. Besides, they will also be given Rs 250 for the family of four or Rs 50 for individual worker for the four-day stay at those locations,” said Sharma.

On the occasion, Vice President of Haryana Labour Welfare Board, Pandit Ram Swaroop Jabaanz said, “The motive behind CM’s initiative is to retain the coordination between industrialists and workers which can boost the industrial revolution thus strengthening the financial status of the labourers.”