New Delhi: Expressing concern over rising inflation, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said both the government and the central bank are working in tandem to bring it down to a comfortable level.

"Government is working together with RBI to take appropriate steps to reduce inflation to more comfortable level," Mukherjee said while reacting to the June headline inflation that soared to 9.44 percent from 9.06 percent in the previous month.

The statement comes amidst wide belief that the Reserve Bank will continue with its anti-inflationary measures and hike interest rates by at least another 25 points, at its quarterly review on July 26.

RBI has hiked interest rates 10-times since March 2010 in its bid to check inflation even at the cost of growth.

Mukherjee said inflation figures reported for the month of June "continues to be matter of concern" and asserted that the government was "monitoring the price situation closely."

Inflation has been over 9 percent since December 2010.

While the Finance Minister's statement did not elaborate on what the comfortable level for inflation is, according to the RBI the rate of price rise should ideally be 4-5 percent.

The rise in June Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation is attributed to increase in fuel prices effected on May 24, besides seasonal factors and an upward movement in mineral and manufactured prices.

While the general inflation has shown an increase, the index for food inflation almost remained flat in June month-on-month.

The index for the fuel and power segment stood at 12.85 percent year-on-year in June. This was up from 12.32 percent in the previous month.

Mukherjee observed that the index for food items stabilised at 8.38 percent in June as against 8.37 percent in the previous month.

The index for fuel and power segment, which has a weight of almost 15 percent in the WPI basket, stood at 12.85 percent year-on-year in June. This was up from 12.32 percent reported in the previous month.

LPG became expensive by 12.17 percent on an annual basis, while high speed diesel was up 6.58 percent. Petrol, whose prices were hiked in April, also became dearer by 30.61 percent.

Prices of manufactured products, which have a weight of around 65 percent in the WPI basket, went up by 7.43 percent year-on-year in June.