The government had sought public comments following a controversy on zero-rated plans that are seen to be discriminatory. It will firm up regulations after taking into consideration the public opinion and regulator TRAI's suggestions.
As there has been a surge in comments, the deadline was extended to August 20, from the original August 15. The number of comments on August 14 stood at around 700, which rose sharply following campaigns by online groups like Save The Internet and AIB.
Most people who shared their views have lent their support to Net neutrality, which means equal treatment for all Internet traffic, without discrimination or priority for any person, entity or company.
"I don't want licence on websites and social networking apps like Whatsapp. I want to access everything," said one who sent in comments.
"I support Net neutrality. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) should not put any limitations on websites that one can access freely," said another.
TRAI in April had received over 1 million comments, with a majority supporting implementation of Net neutrality.