"We need all the support that top players need. I think what the singles players are getting, if we get that kind of a support, I think Ashwini and me can win a medal at the Olympics, definitely. It will be great. At least now, people who are responsible wake up. I will be really happy," Jwala told PTI upon her arrival from Calgary.

"I don't know what to do really. I hope that they are at least thinking about it right now. This is what. Being a player, I am supposed to train and practice and only think about my game, what I have to develop and what weaknesses I have to take care of.

"Instead if I have to go to Delhi, spend a day, two or three, go behind them. This is what we should not be doing. We are the best bet in doubles for Olympics and we should be given all the support. At least after the Canadian Open, I hope people and the ministry of sports realise and support us. That's all we need," she added.

The 31-year-old said it was crucial for the shuttlers to get the government support.

"Lot of players are performing, including singles, only because of government funding. If government does not fund, lot of players will be lost. We are really depending on the government. This TOP scheme is that extra boost," she said.

Jwala insisted that lack of support from the government would make it difficult for the youngsters to take up doubles.

"Definitely (absence of government support would make it tough for the players to get into doubles). After Ashwini and me, I don't see anybody else coming up. You can see it. I stopped playing mixed doubles and there is no result in mixed doubles. I was world number six. People who are talking about me and my performance and questioning my career and my achievements, where is the next mixed doubles pair, please show it to me. I would like to know," she blasted.

Talking about her recent success in Canada Open, Jwala said: "I am very happy, very excited. It means a lot to me. Winning a title in Olympic year is never easy. It has come as a big relief." Jwala said that the understanding between her and Ashwini, and their maturity has helped in overcoming the challenge in Canada.

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