According to him, there are reports that there have been some construction work including roads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
"We have got to see its consequences particularly if it is passing through areas which are in PoK which is close to our border and actually that is our own territory. We should take it up and I think we have taken it up from time to time with China and Pakistan.
"And it is matter of which strategic view and strategic cognisance needs to be taken and I think Government should prepare itself for possible consequences," he said.
The top intelligence official said economic growth of the country is key to be a secure nation.
"If India rises at the rate of say nine per cent or eight per cent of economic growth, India is totally safe. A country which has got such a huge market, which has got such a vast economic capabilities provides an opportunity. You will have international clout and it will be in the vested interests of the world to see that India is protected," he said.
He said the economic growth will also mean that there will be spare-able surplus for providing resources for defence forces, upgrading police forces, its technological development, for research and development works because of available funds and resources available.
"A strong economy is the surest thing to securing the country. We have to sustain very high economic growth rate," he said.

Doval said new set of threats were technological threats which include threat to cyberspace, high tech wars etc.
He said even terrorists could use modern means of communications, fund transfers, weapon system for their nefarious activities.
When asked about country's preparedness for cyber war, Doval said cyberspace was going to be new frontier as in this space not only the States, but also the private actors have become very very active.
"I cannot tell out plans of tackling it in such short time but we are completely seized of it. We have got lot of advantages on our side. We have got huge experience, scientific capabilities and young boys have been very good," he said.
The NSA said cyber wars were fought at various levels and the country had been able to handle it at those levels.
"One of the problems we have got is that we have lost out on the issue of root servers which are mostly in West and not in our control. US is helpful in some areas but not always," he said.
Doval said during last six months, cyber security was the focus area of the government placing right systems and right people in place.

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