At the same time, members, cutting across party lines, pressed for providing latest weapons and equipment to police and para-military forces to deal with the problems of naxalism and militancy in different parts of the country including Jammu and Kashmir.
Initiating the debate on Demand for Grants for Home Ministry, Leader of Congress Mallikarjun Kharge alleged that the government was being "soft" on separatists in Jammu and Kashmir who were displaying Pakistani flags and carrying out anti-national activities.
He noted that BJP, which used to accuse previous Congress-led government of being soft on separatists, was in power in Jammu and Kashmir along with PDP and should now act.
Kharge also raked up the issue of attacks on churches and accused the government of not taking effective steps to stop these. He also said the government had done nothing against
those running the 'ghar wapsi' campaign, hinting at Sangh Parivar outfits who were doing so.
The Congress leader wanted the government to deal strongly with the persons making communal remarks.  "Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other leaders repeatedly claim that Constitution is their most revered book, they are not doing enough to further the aims and objectives enshrined in it," said Kharge.
"You garland the statue of Mahatma Gandhi but at the same time say 'namaste' to Godse," he said. He took a dig at the government as he asked whether the intellegence agencies were reporting to the Home Minister or directly to some bureaucrats in the Prime Minister's Office

Asserting that the Home Minister should get information first and he should brief the Prime Minister, Kharge asked, "If everything is controlled by the PMO, what is the need for


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