Rejecting the government charges that Opposition did not let Parliament function properly, Azad, who is the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, said the MPs were demanding for days and weeks together for the Prime Minister to come and make a statement.

He said when there is some confusion and if some sections of the society be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh feel insecure, it is the Prime Minister's responsibility to keep the country united and protect the religious rights and aspirations of the people. This is a very small thing. He should do it 10 times a day during Parliament. You are the head of the family.

"If the children are fighting and family head becomes 'Dhritarashtra' (a blindfold mythological character from Mahabharata). He became just like Dhristrashtra and let everything happened. That means there is some silent support," Azad said during a news conference at Indian Women's Press Conference here.

He said Congress is the oldest political party and understands its responsibilities. "But as far as Parliament is  concerned, whatever happened (impasse in the House), I squarely hold government responsible for it," the Congress leader said.

Azad accused Modi of maintaining silence over the conversion row when Parliament was in session. "This conversion issue started in a big way. As I sit in the House, I know this conversion issue is not confined to this country. A country like the US had to issue a statement saying they have been watching the issue keenly," he said.

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