Haldwani: Its a double whammy for people residing in the mountainous terrains of Uttarakhand. Reeling under adverse weather conditions during monsoon, people residing in such areas are likely to soon face an acute food crisis.

Owing to the lackadaisical attitude of the administration in the timely transportation of the foodgrains, 34 godowns of the mountainous terrains are lying empty. A large section of the population residing in the hilly regions of the state is dependent on Public Distribution System (PDS) for meeting their food requirements. Therefore, such people are going to face a tough time in the ongoing monsoon season.

The incessant rain has already damaged several important roads. Whereas, large scale debris on roads has not only blocked the flow of traffic on key routes but has also separated the hills from the plains. Under such circumstances, it will require a herculean effort from the state administration to transport the food grains to storehouses situated in mountainous regions like Pithoragarh, Nainital, Baageshwar and Champawat districts.

The state government had allotted food stocks for difficult terrains on June 16. Following which the Divisional Food Controller gave orders on the transports and collection of the allotted food stocks.
However, due to the delay in receiving, only 1 percent of the allotted food stocks could reach the godowns of mountainous areas.

According to sources, efforts were made to meet the shortage by taking foodgrains from the open market. However, the open market did not have the sufficient quantity of foodgrains to meet the demand.

The local retailers have reserved the available stocks for their regular customers as commuting in the hilly regions is going to be difficult in monsoon.

Meanwhile, keeping in mind the exigencies of the situation, the government has claimed to supply the foodgrains to godowns at any cost.