New Delhi: Facing flak over numerous cases of corruption being unearthed on a regular basis, the government has decided to amend the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act-1988, which in turn have become a shield for the corrupt officers.

A new chapter would be added to the Act that would make it easier to attach the ill-gotten wealth of the corrupt officials.

According to government sources, officials use some of the provisions of the Anti-Graft Act as a cover to prevent their property from being attached till the time they are held guilty by a court of law.

But with the amendments being proposed by the government, the Investigative Agencies would be empowered to attach the properties of such officials even during the investigations are on.

The Central government intends to table the Amendment Bill in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament.

Once the amendment adds a new chapter to the Act, the government would be equipped with two laws under which it could attach black money and illegally earned properties. Presently, such illegal money is attached under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

It is noteworthy that the government had assured taking concrete measures to curb corruption in the government machinery after yoga guru Baba Ramdev launched his much-talked about protest against black money and corruption. Even the Supreme Court had recently observed that the Act needs appropriate amendments.

Earlier, the UPA government had planned to amend this law even in its first avatar, but nothing concrete emerged due to several bottlenecks.