New Delhi: In order to keep holy river Ganga pollution free by getting it rid of industrial and human waste, the Central government is all set to bring Urban River Management Plan for cities and towns situated on banks of the river.

The Environment Ministry has given its nod to the project under which ‘dhobi ghats’ and ‘funeral sites’ would be relocated from the banks of river Ganga.

The plan was finalised in a meeting held on Wednesday that was chaired by T Chatterjee, Secretary in Environment Ministry.  The Ganga River Basin Management Plan, a collective effort of seven IITs had emphasised the need for such a project.

Present at the meeting, IIT Professor Vinod Tare said, “Unless such plans are brought in action, we cannot reap the entire benefits of the bigger projects. Along with being cost effective, it will also enlighten the people.”

The meeting arrived to the conclusion of bringing a change in the Sewage Treatment Plant Project to prevent release of polluted city waste in the holy river.

It was also decided money for such projects would not be allotted in advance instead they would be done as per the progress of the projects. This implies to payment on the basis of amount of sewage water treated by the plant.

The previous Ganga River Basin Management Plan was aimed at completely preventing the release of urban waste including human excreta and industrial waste into the river before 2020.

Also present at the meeting were Additional Secretary Meera Maharishi, World Bank's Water Project Specialist and Directors of IIT-Mumbai, IIT-Kanpur and IIT-Guwahati.