"Of course, with the Prime Minister himself commenting on Nokia, I am sure something will happen and such incidents such as Nokia is something on which we are working very hard not to have a repeat," she added.

She cited that the government was very concerned on the matter as it has affected a great deal of employment and "equally it gave a message about Indian industry not working in an environment where corporate decisions are being taken on merits".

"It was more on the question of how the Indian taxation policy, the duty structure have all adversely affected setting up of industry. I am very concerned and on that the government looked into details," she asserted.

When asked whether the factory can be revived, the minister said that the government would look at all the options.

"All options to see how best we can take a constructive and a positive step so that the workers of Nokia get justice and the very idea that the factory which gave so much of employment and could have given an export value had to come to this end but we certainly do not want our policies to have this impact," Sitharaman affirmed.

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