New Delhi: Even as the Centre takes on a defiant Anna Hazare over his August 16 fast, the government is up to face a belligerent Opposition on the floor of the House during the second week of the Monsoon Session of the Parliament starting on Tuesday.

The main opposition BJP, by terming the conditions on the Anna’s fast as murder of fundamental rights and seeking interference of the PM into the matter, has given enough hints of its posture over the issue.

“The conditions on Hazare’s fast are violations of our fundamental rights. There may be difference of opinions on any issue, but that doesn’t mean that no one can protest,” said BJP president Nitin Gadkari.

Anna Hazare has declared to sit on indefinite fast for the second time. However, as the fast coincides with an ongoing session of the Parliament, its reverberations are bound be heard inside the August House.

Earlier in April, when Anna sat on fast at Jantar Mantar, the Budget Session of Parliament ended ahead of its scheduled period owing to Assembly elections.

Though the Opposition also has some difference of opinion with the Anna’s team over the Jan Lokpal Bill, supporting Anna’s fast is the only option it is left with.

“The crackdown on yoga guru Baba Ramdev and his supporters at Ramlila Maidan, the recent police action against BJP youth wing workers and now conditions on Hazare’s fast reminded him of the Emergency days, when the Opposition voice was muzzled,” Gadkari said.

(JPN/ Bureau)