New Delhi: Government is taking steps for simplifying Hindi to increase the use of language in official work, Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday.
Minister of State for Home Affairs Jitendra Singh replied in the affirmative when asked whether the government has felt the need for simplification of official language Hindi.
"Instructions have been issued from time to time by the Department of official language that simple and easily intelligible Hindi should be used," the minister said in the reply.
He said it has been advised that simple Hindi should be used in writing notes and letters so that it is easily understood by all.
"It is important that the reader should understand what the writer actually wishes to convey," he said.
Singh said words which are commonly understood should be increasingly used in official work and there should be no hesitation in using popular words of other languages in Devanagari.
"Wherever it is felt that the reader may find it difficult to understand a particular technical word or designation in Hindi, it would be helpful if its English equivalent is used in Devanagari. The adoption of commonly used words from regional, local or foreign language adds to the enrichment and development of a language," he said.