New Delhi: The government has once again taken up the task of improving the status of Urdu in the country. For this, the Centre has decided to grant legal status to the diploma and certificates obtained from National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL).

The decision can open up good job opportunities for students possessing diploma and certificate in Urdu language.

According to sources, the government is planning to implement the effort in the 12th Year Plan (2012-2017).

The decision came after discussion on this issue held in a meeting organised by NCPUL on Monday. HRD Minister Kapil Sibal was present during the meeting.

“The NCPUL is playing a major role in connecting Urdu language with employment opportunities. At present, the diploma and certificate courses in Urdu language are yet to gain legal status, leading to job crisis or very less job opportunities for students. As such the government will grant legal status to it”, Sibal said. 

Hamidullah Bhat, director of NCPUL said that the Council at present provides five courses in Urdu language including Diploma and plans to start few more in the future.

He said that the Council has decided to help 50,000 students of NCPUL to get jobs in the IT sector but no deadline has been set for this.