Dehradun: In a measure to stop increasing brain drain of doctors in Uttarakhand, the state government has decided to keep their medical degrees and original certificates for five years with it so that they could give service to the state.

 Uttarakhand is facing severe crunch of doctors even after a decade of formation of the state. The state government had decided to enroll medical aspirants at a meager fee of Rs 15,000 on a condition to serve the state. The applicants had filled a declaration too in this regard but to no avail.

Contrary to it, many passing out doctors from Haldwani Medical College migrated to other states for better opportunities. The government is now planning to take a judicial action against migrant doctors.

Health Education Minister Balwant Singh Bhauryal has said, “The original certificates will now be submitted with the authorities at the time of admission which will be returned only after five years of mandatory service to the people of the state.”