The legislative and financial business proposed next week includes a discussion on the issue of price rise in both Houses with emphasis in Rajya Sabha on rising price of essential commodities, including food grains in the country.
A discussion is also likely on the issue of "growing intolerance endangering the unity and diversity of the country". While six bills each have been passed and introduced in Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha has passed only one bill.
10 Bills passed by Lok Sabha are still to be taken up in Rajya Sabha. In the Lok Sabha, government has proposed to take up nine items of legislative and financial business during next week, a statement by Parliamentary Affairs Ministry said.

Of these, time has been allotted for seven items. A heavy agenda of 16 items is due to be taken up in Rajya Sabha which lagged behind Lok Sabha in transaction of business this week due to disruptions and forced adjournments.
Four hours have been allotted for the passage of the GST bill, three hours for Real Estate bill and two hours for anti-graft measure, the Whistleblower Bill.

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