"The cities are yet to be identified," he said.

The Minister said education, employment and entertainmentare considered to be the key factors which forced people to migrate from rural areas to urban centres.

"Opportunities of education, employment and entertainment are concentrated mostly in urban and semi-urban centres and these three factors are forcing more and more people to leave rural areas and migrate to towns and cities," he said.

Naidu said Census of India has projected the urban population till 2026 and by that year, the country's urban population which was 27.8 percent in 2001 is expected to increase to 38.2 percent.

The Minister said in terms of the total urban population, it is at 31.6 percent as per 2011 Census, while the World Urbanization Prospectus shows the level of urbanisation in 2011 in China 50.6 percent, in Indonesia 50.7 percent, in South Africa 62 percent and in Brazil 84.6 percent.

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