New Delhi: In order to boost agricultural productivity and encourage agriculture in the country, the Centre has planned to set up Agricultural Science Centres across the country.

The Union Government has approved the proposal for setting up Agricultural Science Centres which are supposed to make farmers aware and train them to deal with the challenges arising out of food crisis.
Such centres have already been set up at 610 districts in the country that have strong rural population. The ministry is satisfied with the performance of these centres.

As per the Agriculture Ministry sources, 67 more Agricultural Science Centres have to be set up. The government has given priority to increase the productivity. 

There is no dearth of seeds of improved varieties and agri-technology at the research level in the country.

The government is facing challenges in making these facilities available at the doorsteps of farmers due to lack of awareness. So far government efforts have not been effective in this regard.

10 Agricultural Science Centres would be set up in Rajasthan followed by 9 in Jammu and Kashmir.