National Power Training Centre (NPTI), a body under the Ministry of Power will train 7 lakh people in the next three years across various branches of the sector.
"NPTI in its 40 years of existence has trained 2,67,000 people. Looking at the requirements of the power sector we have decided on a three-year roadmap. We have a programme to train 7,00,000 people," Power Minister Piyush Goyal said at a seminar here.
Under the ambitious programme the ministry will train one lakh people in the power sector in 2015-16, 2 lakh in 2016-17, and 4 lakh in 2017-18.      

"When we talk of 1,75,000 MW of renewable energy, we are certainly going to be needing people skilled in solar power, manufacturing, setting up the equipment, operations & maintenance etc," Goyal said.
The proposed training programme will cover manpower requirements in ramping up power generation, building transmission and sub-transmission networks among other things.      

Ministry of Power has set a target of generating 1,75,000 MW from renewable energy sources by 2022.
Of the targetted 1,75,000 MW, lion's share of 1,00,000 MW will come from solar power, 60,000 MW from wind, 10,000 MW from biomass and the remaining 5,000 MW from small hydro projects.
At present, the solar power generation capacity is at about 2,700 MW; Wind - 21,000 MW; Small Hydro - 3,800 MW and biomass -4,100 MW.      

Small hydro power projects are plants with up to 25 mw generation capacity.

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