Congress leaders said certain non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which were critical of government polices were on the firing line.

Senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily cited the present government is "very revengeful" and its actions amounted to curbing the movement of NGOs.

"The government is merely drawing inferences...this is not in the interest of the country. Creating an image that all the NGOs are not good is not good for the country," he urged and added that if there was an erring NGO, it should be prosecuted.

Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai, who was prevented from going abroad to the UK, said that her organisation had been publishing its accounts on its website.

"We are not being targeted for our accounts. The main issue why Greenpeace and some other NGOs are being targeted is because it has a voice of dissent. Because they have been working for tribal rights, land rights of communities and this has been an area of concern for the government,” She added.

The government was not ready to listen to the voice of dissent in the country, she alleged.

However, Minister of State Kiren Rijiju defended the decision, saying "action has been taken after getting specific inputs."

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