Hitting out at Congress, Naidu accused the party of running a campaign in the media casting aspersions on the Speaker and claiming that the government did not want a Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha.
He criticized Congress leader Kamal Nath for his remarks that the decision of Speaker in the matter would be ‘flavoured’ by the view of BJP government.
Naidu said, he regretted that even without formally staking claim, some Congress leaders were talking of going to courts on the issue.
Cautioning Congress against denigrating institutions, the Union Minister said that he would leave it to their wisdom. He said that presiding officers would take an appropriate view on such matters based on established precedence and conventions and no one should cast aspersions on the offices of the presiding officers.
"The issue of Leader of Opposition is in the exclusive domain of Speaker, and neither BJP nor NDA government has any role in the matter," Naidu said.
Defending his government on the price rise issue, Naidu said, how can anyone hold a newly formed government responsible for the sustained high inflation and price rise prevailing for a deacde.


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