Responding to Modi's letter, Singh said that government mourns the loss of Indians and people of Indian origin, "hailing from different parts of the country", who went to Kenya for the common goal of building their lives and contributing to their chosen country's progress.

Modi urges PM to help Indian victims of Nairobi terror attack

They are "now united in death", he underlined.

In his letter to the PM, Modi had said, "I stressfully urge that the central government should use all the resources available to it to provide safety and security to families of those Indians and Gujaratis who are victims of the terror attack (in Kenya)."

Singh said that the government takes great pride in the achievements of the Indian community living across the world as they are "a window to our heritage, diversity and progress".

Pointing out that they are greatly admired for their accomplishments and their contribution to the host countries, Singh said, "However, they are also vulnerable to prejudice, acts of violence, conflict and natural disasters. We, therefore, attach absolutely the highest priority to their safety, security and welfare."

Singh noted that the Indian High Commission in Nairobi has been in close touch with the Indian and Indian-origin community and the Indian associations in Kenya.

"It (High Commission) has reached out to the families of the victims and other Indians injured in the attack, offering help and providing information round-the-clock," he wrote.

The High Commission is also providing all consular assistance and courtesies to the victims' families in their hour of grief, including those who are travelling to Nairobi to be with their bereaved, perform the last rites or claim the bodies, Singh said, adding the External Affairs Ministry is closely monitoring the developments.

The Prime Minister said that the government shares the global outrage over the "senseless and heinous act" and has condemned it in the strongest terms.

"We are deeply pained at the loss of innocent lives that represented different nationalities and diverse backgrounds. I am also saddened to see this tragedy unfold in a friendly country, with which we share so much, including old ties of kinship and commerce," he said.

Singh referred to his letter to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta written immediately after the terror strike, in which he said the incident was a "stark reminder" that the persisting menace of terrorism remains a formidable challenge that calls for concerted action from the global community.

"In India, our resolve to combat terrorism remains firm. However, it is a challenge that calls for constant vigilance and unwavering effort," he said.

"We will, therefore, continue to strengthen our national capabilities and our international partnerships in order to defeat this menace," Singh said.


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