The famous text ‘Government of the People, By the People and For the People’ seems to hold no meaning for the UPA government which has exposed it’s egoistic best by the arrest of Gandhian Anna Hazare. The path being followed by the Congress and the Centre leads to political Hara-kiri (suicide).  Though the government may not see eye-to-eye with the demands of Anna, crushing his fundamental right to protest is nothing but a dictatorship. If the arrest of Anna Hazare has reminded all and sundry about the Emergency era, then only the Centre has to be held accountable for the situation. The modus operandi adopted by the Union Government to tackle Anna Hazare’s protest showcases it’s political immaturity and insensitivity. The Centre’s futile effort to prevent the Gandhian from staging protest by laying objectionable conditions, thereafter trying to prove Anna Hazare a criminal, can only be denounced and condemned. It is extremely shameful that the much hue and cry over the smoldering issue failed to make the Centre realize it’s mistake and the government rather galvanised the entire nation by Anna Hazare’s arrest. Subsequently, the entire Opposition has clubbed hands to target the Centre, and precisely anti-UPA campaign it has got the support of people who are not convinced with the theories of Anna. Now even the government is unable to give appropriate logic in its defense. The misleading comments of the political strategist have made the Union Government a laughing stock in the country. The clarification that the Union Government was not behind the Delhi police action against Anna Hazare is unlikely to be believed by the masses. If it is not so, then why the Union Ministers had to don the role of official spokespersons for the Delhi police.

Delhi police being controlled by the Centre is no longer a hidden fact from of India that it is the same government which had been sitting at leisure when protestors right under its nose had taken possession of railway tracks. Why does not the Government understand its responsibilities? The present scenario is not only drawing a dubious distinction to the nation but also giving birth to several apprehensions which are highly disconcerting. Meanwhile, unfazed by the alarming situation the Centre appears to be directionless. After the entire fiasco, it appears the Centre is yet to realise the public indignation on corruption. Had it not been so, the Union Government would not have repeatedly come up with worn out statements to ridicule the people on this issue. People realise doing a trick with magic wand to end corruption is not possible, but when concrete would be brought into implementation to combat corruption? Could the UPA government provide a clarification on their efforts made during the past seven years to eradicate corruption? The bitter truth is that apart from making hoax assurances, it has done nothing else. Therefore, it is utmost important that the Centre should realise its mistake and undertake serious steps to win the confidence of people. Now it is pertinent for Anna Hazare and his team to contemplate on efforts to help the country tide from the crisis because the Government’s indolence and the anti corruption crusade seem to be losing its tooth.