"The growth rate is slackening, inflation is rising, will be importing further inflation because of the oil prices and the rupee-dollar parity being disturbed. The currency is completely disturbed and I think their priority still remains populism and not prudence of any kind," Jaitley said.

Criticizing the government further, he added, "The UPA in 2004 had inherited a booming economy, the growth rate was 8.4 and on the verge of their departure, they are leaving a disaster behind."

The BJP leader also criticized Finance Minister P Chidambaram and said, "Whatever responses the Finance Minister has come up with are popular discourses in economic theory. How he intends to walk to talk is not made clear?"

Jaitley said the passing of a few bills like the National Food Security Bill was not going to be enough, as the overall economic environment in the country has become a disaster.


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