The possibility of coup in Pakistan has narrowed down since the return of President Asif Ali Zardari from Dubai and softened stance of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani who has indicated willingness for a compromise. However, political turmoil in the country continues unabated as the all powerful Pakistan Army has moved farther from popularity and the government, weak since inception, stands accused in the Supreme Court. Any relief from the Memogate scandal is doubtful. Now there is no reason to believe that Zardari had appealed to the US through a secret dispatch in order to save the government from the alleged coup by Pakistan Army. The dispatch only signifies that mistrust between the country’s government and Army has further widened. There is no doubt that Pakistan government is finding it difficult to explain the ‘secret memo’ in the Supreme Court. It is also certain that government will face extreme discomfort when the Supreme Court begins hearing the cases of corruption. The Supreme Court’s assertion that action would be taken against the President and the Prime Minister if they fail to order reinvestigation in major corruption cases, has further demoralized the government. Undoubtedly, this is one such matter where neither the opposition nor the public will shy away from extending support.

There is no doubt that democracy must be preserved in the country, but democratic government will fail to win popular support as it is hiding behind National Reconciliation Ordinance to shield powerful and corrupt politicians. This ordinance is in contradiction with the fundamental tenets of democracy. Till this ordinance is in practice, the democracy in Pakistan will never strengthen. The Pakistan Army is the biggest hurdle in strengthening the democracy there. The instability will continue to haunt unless the Army becomes subservient to the government. It is uncertain if the government in Pakistan manages to complete its term especially when next year’s general elections succeed in installing a truly democratic government in the country. However it is certain that a very powerful Pakistan Army is of no interest to the people. Though the ongoing confrontation between the government, the Army and the Supreme Court is an internal issue of Pakistan, India cannot sit relaxed for the issue to get resolved. Apart from keeping a close eye on the developments in Pakistan, it is also necessary for India to stay prepared for the worst situation that emerges across the border.