Chief Vigilance Commissioner PJ Thomas has become albatross for the Congress government. With a tough posture of the Supreme Court and the BJP’s repeated knock at the door of court, the government seems to distance itself from Thomas. The Central government may reconsider his appointment as some anomaly cropped up in his selection process. The Attorney General had given plea before the apex court that the government did not have any information about the chargesheet framed against Thomas in Palmolein scam which happened during his tenure as Kerala food and civil supplies secretary. It is a difficult pill to swallow that the selection committee was not in the know of Thomas having been chargesheeted, as the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner is very important. At the very beginning of his selection as a CVC, Thomas’ Palmolein-scam was brought to light. Apart from that, Opposition leader in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj claimed that the government was briefed about the past tainted history of Thomas. She did not only object the posting of Thomas as CVC emphatically, but also knocked the door of Raisina Hill in this connection. Whatever logic the government may put to cover up its face, it is unambiguous that people find fishy in his selection as CVC. The enormity of matter is that the Prime Minster and Home Minister themselves took decision to place Thomas as CVC, despite the written snub of Sushama Swaraj over it. Now how can the people of nation buy the Attorney General’s logic that the Centre was unaware of Thomas’ tainted affair and the message goes across the country that appointment of Thomas as CVC is summarily wrong.

This is shame for the Central government that the ball of CVC issue has not only gone to the court, rather it is groping in dark to reply a volley of questions that the people of India would like to know.  Sometimes the government mulls the fact the CVC appointment is quite right, sometimes it gives its nod for keeping the CVC buzz aside from the 2G scam. It is intriguing that why elected government has to defend its stand to save a tainted official. If the government is not compelled to abide by suggestions of the opposition, why did it consult them on this count? Is it the precedent of a democratic set-up? The way the government trying to prove that Thomas was only the candidate to fit the bill, is utterly gut-wrenching. The profound irony is, this is not the first time that the government is at a loss for words to reply the quarries of the judiciary. The similar situations have troubled the government in case of the 2G spectrum scam and black money issue. In all these cases, the court rapped the knuckles of the government due to which its credibility is nosediving.  But it is worrisome that the government seems to be ignorant of all these happenings.