New Delhi, Jan 25 (Jagran News Network): Calling the Government’s clarification on the black money menace as vague, BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad termed the strategies announced to tackle the issue as ‘directionless’.

He said the government is not serious and no answers were provided from Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in a press briefing session here on Tuesday.

“The government is reluctant to show any meaningful efforts,” he said.

He also attacked the Prime Minister over the issue, saying, “Dr Manmohan Singh, please be true to your words. Country wants a meaningful reaction and not evasive replies.”

He asked why can’t the government leverage the power of a booming economy such as India’s to get what it wants to, adding that under the Money Laundering Act, Swiss bank is ready to give the names.

“BJP demands to tell the nation as to how many people have their accounts outside and against how many of them some kind of action is being taken, be it criminal prosecution or tax prosecution,” he said.

 He also brought up the case which is pending against Pune stud farm owner Hassan Ali, alleging that the government was shielding him.