New Delhi: With the absence of laws safeguarding the interest of patients in the country, the National Human Rights commission has pressed the government to form laws that will rule out injustices done to patients by the doctors and the hospital administration. Also, the regulation of the law would facilitate the patients with complete information on the medical treatment and other provisions.

The commission put forth its worries to the government over the threatened rights of the patients. Members of the commission said, “On the lines of America and other countries, it is necessary that laws should be formulated in India too which would safeguard the rights of the patients. Patients should also be informed on other alternative measures of treatment so that they can choose the doctor and hospital of their choice.”

Commission highlighted the fact that none of the doctors or the hospital administration can deny necessary treatment to a patient. Extending help to the government in the formulation of any such law the commission has clearly denied its intentions to propose a bill in this regard and said that it’s solely the government’s job and a final decision will be taken by them.