New Delhi: At a time when the world is celebrating 102nd International Women’s Day, India is striving hard to improve its image in respect to providing women security, especially after the brutal gang rape and murder of 23-year-old paramedical student in national capital which grabbed attention not only in India but across the globe.   

The rape incidents have doubled this year and the groundswell is that Delhi is not safe for fair sex. It could be a jigsaw puzzle for people that despite woman CM, Sheila Dikshit, being in power in Delhi for the past 14 years, girls are vulnerable to violence and sexual harassment.  

Talking exclusively to Jagran Post on the eve of International Women’s Day, the Chief Minster very candidly accepted that a lot needs to be done in order to instill sense of complete security amongst women. She also emphasized the need for better coordination amongst the society and government in order to tackle such incidents which bring shame to the nation.    

“The December 16 incident was very shocking but it will take some time for the situation to improve as we need to change the mindset of people. How people treat women is something we should give a serious thought. Government alone cannot root out this problem. Society will have to play a greater role in order to bring about changes,” said Sheila Dikshit.                                              

Dikshit was critical of the Delhi police and said that it has often failed to deliver on its promises of improving women safety in the capital which leads to the horrific incident like gang-rape.

The Chief Minister said that, “Strict police action will act as a deterrent. Police should have carrot and stick approach: punish wrongdoers and cooperate law abiding citizens.”

When asked about her letter to the Prime Minster seeking his intervention for better policing, Dikshit said that she has no grudges with the Delhi police but she called a spade a spade that her government drew flaks because of the slipshodness of Delhi police.

“I think they could have done better and therefore as a Chief Minister it’s my right to protest. This incident drew a lot of attention from the world community and brought shame to us. My letter to the Prime Minister was the voice of the people,” she said.

Sheila Dikshit expressed in guarded way over the jurisdiction of Delhi police under the Home Ministry. She was of the view that trifurcation of law enforcement agency would help in better policing.

“The police should be divided in three categories: Law & order, traffic and VIP security and there should no swapping so that the training can be given to them in a specified manner. The training will help improve their efficiency in policing,” said the CM.
Dikshit also showed her helplessness in effectively tackling the situation and frankly talked about the compulsions behind it. According to her, the Centre should bestow some more powers to Delhi government as it would help better the situation.

“We need more independence. I do not ask for separate statehood but certainly more powers should be given so that our work is not hampered,” she said.    

Ramakant Chaudhary, Raghwendra Shukla/JPN

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