New Delhi: The Central government’s dream to make India a hub of knowledge for the world seems to be far-reaching as it doesn’t have the authentic data of current numbers students, institutions, teachers in the higher education. The government has decided to conduct survey to get exact figures.

The government has accepted that the current figure of Gross Entrance Rate (GER) in higher education is not complete. However, the Human Resource Development Ministry relying on the present figure has decided to set a target of achieving 15 percent of GER in higher education by the end of 11th Plan and 30 percent by 2020.

This poses a question that where do we stand in the area of higher education? In developed countries, 40 percent of children enrolled in universities are between18 to 24 age group, whereas in world the GER rate is 23 percent, India stands only at 15 percent.

Now Human Resource Development wants to conduct a survey to get an authentic data. For this purpose, it has formed a task force, but the responsibility of the survey has been given to National University of Educational Planning and Administration.

The survey would include all institutions of higher education, central, state and deemed universities, university colleges and research institutions. The survey will be conducted till April 16.

Prime Minister's advisor Sam Pitroda ctriticised the government for conducting survey. He said that instead of concentrating on implementation of plans, the government is busy in surveys and discussions. But HRD is of the view that a survey is needed to get an authentic data.

(JPN/ Bureau)