New Delhi: The fake licence scam has highlighted the anomalies in the civil aviation industry of the country. But, a soon to be implemented new ground policy will ensure the riddance of irregular affairs in this industry. 
The government will be implementing a new ground handling policy on all airports across the nation from April 1. Though airlines have been opposing this policy, but the Supreme Court hearing is likely is pass it and the government is also confident that the proposal for increasing air security and the revenue from this industry will not be rejected by the Apex Court.
According to the new policy the ground handling job, earlier done by the airlines will be now assigned to government recognized agencies and people with security clearance licence will be allowed in these agencies. This will, to a great extent, improve the security of airports and airlines.

Air India and Airport Authority of India will get maximum benefit from this policy.  Being a government airline, it will get to do its ground handling on its own while the ground handling of private airlines will be done by the agencies recognized by Airport Authority of India.

This new move will help AAI earn an extra yearly revenue of 350 crore. The agencies controlled by AAI will start ground handling of Chennai and Kolkata airport. After this, the agencies will be assigned ground handling task for rest of the airports.

Presently, the airlines get this job done by people who have been recruited on temporary basis. Since the present procedure follows a contract, the staff is replaced after a period of time. This raises serious questions related to the security of the airports.

The new policy will be solving this problem also. According to it, the staff will be recruited on a permanent basis and their details will be examined by the police and investigative agencies. Apart from the security of airports, the quality of ground handling will be given specific importance.
Civil Aviation Secretary Naseem Zaidi had given instructions, on March 11, to the ground handling agencies to keep equipments of world class level.

This new move, though, will render 3000 employees jobless. But, as a saving grace, the government has announced that these employees can be hired after security agencies provide them with security clearance.