Talking to reporters here during his two-day visit to the state, Paswan said, "To contain price rise there is need for a national marketing policy and the Centre is working on it."

The Minister said while some parts of the country have abundance of rive, wheat and food grains, some other parts face crisis leading to high prices.

He said this is happening due to different policies adopted by different states, and advocated for a national marketing policy.

He said his government would not allow black-marketing of foodgrains which leads to shooting up of prices.

Paswan said as many as 11 states -- five fully and six partially -- have so far implemented the Food Security Scheme. He said other states can implement the scheme by July 4.

On the railway fare hike, the Union minister said it should be kept in mind that the common man is not burdened due to the increase and all facilities should be provided. He, however, said there was no fare hike for a long time and services deteriorated due to this.

Asked about the charges of rape against Union minister Nihalchand, Paswan said the matter relates to BJP and many of its leaders have expressed their view on it.

"Unless a court declares someone guilty, he cannot be termed as guilty," he added.


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