Government seems to be totally at loss on the issue of black money. Its newly proposed initiative aimed at chaperoning black money back is as disappointing as its stance in the Supreme Court over the issue. First its plea to the apex court that it is bound by international treaties in its inability to disclose the names of the offenders and then its hopeless attempt in evincing that taking a resolute stand would not get us the money back. What the government is at present trying to divert the attention of the people instead of taking remedial step in black money issue seems to be diluted with malafide intension. Its suggestions to bring back black money by creating favorable environment for voluntary declaration and make gradual infrastructural changes seems too farfetching and improbable. It is high time the policy makers should realize that their way of looking at the issue merely as a matter of tax evasion is absolutely immature and the problem is looming large not just because the stackers are not coming forward with disclosures! It is difficult to imagine that the government is not looking at them as those who have stolen national money and have criminally canceled them abroad.

It is bizarre that the government has not yet envisaged that it is the corrupt bureaucrats and leaders in large numbers who have amassed and concealed money rather than businessmen and industrialists. It seems that the government is deliberately overlooking them. While the opposition is building pressure over the government, with BJP releasing its task force’s report on black money and common man incredulously watching this political drama, the government is unwilling to make changes in the tax structures and is harping on its old tune of hoping some disclosure from the industrialist and business community, forgetting that it is not these but the debauched officials and leaders involved in red-tapism and corruption who have actually grown richer with public money, and who are actually behind most scams and scandals in the country.  Can the government guarantee that the huge sums embezzled in scams have not reached the foreign banks? Has it really taken any concrete step to ensure that at least now the money of poor tax payers does not move out of our land? These and many more such questions are unanswered leading to inefficiency of the government and the corruption in the system has deterred the lawmaker to take firm decisions in this regard.