Guwahati, Jan 08 (Agencies): Dubbing the 2-G spectrum issue as the mother of all scams, BJP President Nitin Gadkari on Saturday warned that the government's "stubborn and confrontationist" approach to the "legitimate" demand for a JPC probe will cost it dearly.

"If the Prime Minister is so very confident that he is not guilty, why should he be so stubborn in opposing the legitimate demand of JPC? This stubborness is reminiscent of the pre-emergency days. BJP condemns this approach," Gadkari said in his Presidential address at the BJP National Executive meet here, the first since the 2-G scam surfaced.

Alleging that the huge loss to the exchequer due to this "mother of all scams" is almost equal to the budget outlay of some states, he warned the government that such a "stubborn and confrontationist" approach will cost the UPA "extremely dear".

"It is the stubbornness that is to blame for the logjam in Parliament. Not opposition, but the government is squarely responsible for this logjam," Gadkari said, adding that the entire opposition was united on the issue and the "sooner the government accepts our demand the better for all".

Taking a dig at Congress President Sonia Gandhi, he said, "Sermons, declaration of multi-point programmes and empty appeals to political functionaries who are your own appointees will make no impact."

His reference was obviously to the five-point plan of action against corruption announced by Gandhi at the recent Congress plenary in Delhi.

Seeking to make corruption as the biggest issue, he described the UPA-II government as a "kingdom of corruption".

Gadkari told the UPA leadership that what was required was a series of credible measures starting with a firm commitment to punishing the guilty.

"The rule of law is unambiguous. With prima facie evidence in hand, the law enforcing agencies must file an FIR. They have to arrest and interrogate the suspect, collect evidence and file charge sheet within a stipulated time frame. Nobody knows why this has not happened," Gadkari wondered.

The BJP President charged that the 20-month old rule of UPA-II has allowed every arena of governance to be exploited by scamsters.

Taking a dig at the Prime Minister, he said, "While looters were emptying the government coffers, Manmohan Singh was standing guard with his eyes closed and perhaps, hands tied. These scams are some kind of a planned loot of national coffers."

Incidentally, Gadkari did not say anything on allegations of corruption levelled against the BJP government in Karnataka, whose Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa was present on the occasion.