Wijk Aan Zee: Grandmaster and Asian champion P Harikrishna became only the second Indian to enter the 'A' group of Tata Steel Chess Tournament after winning the 'B' group with a draw against Dmitry Reinderman of Holland in the final round.

Harikrishna earned himself an entry into the elite 'A' group in the 75th edition of the event which will be held in 2013. The Hyderabad-based player becomes the second Indian ever after world champion Anand to enter this group.

D Harika ended her campaign with another loss in the event but Harikrishna's main rivals were seen ruining themselves in the final round.

Alexander Motylev of Russian had his chances in the previous round game against Harikrishna but coming into the final game, the Russian was a pale shadow of himself.

Harikrishna played solidly with his white pieces to get a level position and a subsequent draw but Motylev was never even close to get a won position.

The other pursuer Erwin L'Ami ended up losing his final game against legendary Dutchman Jan Timman giving an affirmation to the first Indian victory in the 'B' Group.

In the 'C' group, Maxim Turov of Russia won the title after defeating Etienne Goudriaan of Holland in the final round.

It was a close case as Tania Sachdev held Hans Tikkanen of Sweden to a draw and Turov with his ability to score against lower ranked opposition was simply superb yet again.

Tikkanen had to be satisfied with a second-place finish while India's B Adhiban and Daan Brandeburg tied for the third spot in 8.5 points apiece.

In a three-way-tie for the fifth spot, Sahaj Grover was visibly unhappy after spoiling a won position against top seed Matthew Sadler of England.

In the premier group 'A', Levon Aronian of Armenia won the title after a quick draw with Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan. World number one Magnus Carlsen of Norway had to be content with a joint second place in this section.

Results final round group 'B': Jan Timman (Ned, 6) drew with A Motylev (Rus, 8.5); Vladimir Potkin (Rus, 6.5) beat Erwin L'Ami (Ned, 8); Sergei Tiviakov (Ned, 8) beat Viktorija Cmilyte (Ltu, 4); Illya Nyzhnik (Ukr, 6.5) beat D Harika (Ind, 3.5); Daniele Vocaturo (Ita, 4.5) drew with Kateryna Lahno (Ukr, 4.5); Sipke Ernst (Ned, 5) lost to Lazaro Bruzon (Cub, 8.5); P Harikrishna (Ind, 9) drew with Dmitry Reinderman Reinderman (Ned. 7.5)/

Group 'C': Elina Danielian (Arm, 5.5) beat  Pieter Hopman (Ned, 4); Maxim Turov (Rus, 10.5) beat Etienne Goudriaan (Ned, 5);Lisa  Schut (Ned, 4) lost to B Adhiban (Ind, 8.5); Anne Haast (Ned, 3.5) lost to Daan Brandenburg (Ned, 8.5); Lars Ootes (Ned, 4.5) lost to Elisabeth Paehtz (Ger, 7); Hans Tikkanen (Swe, 10) drew with Tania Sachdev (Ind, 6); Sahaj Grover (Ind. 7) drew with Matthes Sadler (Eng, 7).