Amritsar (Agencies): Gradma-Gradpa getting married? Weird to hear but it is true. When it is the age to bless grand children on their marriage, grandparents in Punjab are again getting locked in nuptial knot.

This is done for no any pleasure rather legal tangle make them marry again for meeting grand children residing in abroad. The grandparents have to get their marriage registered for getting visa. For any couple who wish to go abroad together, it is prerequisite to get them registered as spouse legally. On the basis of marriage certificate, passport and visa are issued to them.

Jeevan Singh, 70 and wife Gurmeet Kaur, 68, who have reached the fag end of life, have now got married legally. They had to get their marriage registered for meeting their grand children residing in America. Their son is a restaurant manager and daughter-in-law is an American.

In a similar case, Joginder Singh, 62 and Rajinder Kaur, 59, who have already spent 40 years of their married life, had to remarry to register their marriage in order to get visa and passport. They want to meet their son who is a doctor and has settled in Canada after marrying a Canada based women.