Allahabad: After the Allahabad High Court annulled the acquisition of 156.903 hectare land in Saberi village for Noida Extension Residential Scheme, Greater Noida Authority (GNA) has decided to purchase the same land directly from the farmers. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GNA, Rama Raman has assured the people who have invested in the scheme that the required steps in this regard are being initiated.

After the HC decision, the CEO held a meeting with Saberi village residents, who have agreed to sell their land directly to the authority. According to the official, the new move will benefit the farmers as well as the investors.

A total 156.903 hectares land was acquired by the Greater Noida Authority on June 10 in 2009, stating that it was necessary for industrial development. However, the land was later allotted to builders for the residential schemes. Under the scheme, builders have booked thousands of flats.

Following the divergence of development promises made by the authority, some farmers appealed in Allahabad HC court. Hearing on the petition, the HC annulled the land acquisition in Saberi village.

The CEO maintained that after the HC verdict, land will now be directly acquired from farmers. He pointed out that farmers were willing to sell their land directly to development authority. Raman further added that before starting the land acquisition process, all the legal aspects related to the issue would be examined.