New Delhi: Top aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Canada’s aviation technology company CAE have joined hands with India’s Interglobe to establish a Pilot training centre in Greater Noida.  The project worth 10 crore dollar will provide high class training to over 4000 pilots every year.

The top officials of the foreign companies have confirmed that CAE and Interglobe are the primary equity partners for the project, while the Airbus will provide pilot training and curriculum. The centre will also provide training to foreign pilots.

CAE Group president, Jeff Roberts said, “This centre will not train new pilots and will be operational in another 13-14 months.”

Notably, this training unit will have six-simulators and each simulator will provide training to 700 pilots in a year.  Refresher courses will also be conducted for new pilots.

Airbus’s Executive Vice President said, “We have promised to the Indian government that we will extend our support in such training programmes. We have about 30 training centers around the globe.”