Stories of scientific innovations by young Indians are popular in India but since the ancient times, Indians have been setting forth an example of intellectual brilliance.

Here are eight greatest innovations and discoveries made by Indians that the world should know about:  

1. Shampoo: Although the famous shampoo producing companies are based in the West, the idea was initiated in India. Shampoo comes from the word, 'champo', widely used by the Mughals as a form of head massage. Later, a Bengali introduced Shampoo in Britain.

2. Plastic Surgery: Indians conducted plastic surgery even before Michael Jackson could popularise it. Plastic surgery was carried out in India during 2000 BCE as a punishment by deforming miscreant's body.

3. Diamonds Mining: Diamonds were first recognised and mined in the Central India along the Godavari and Krishna river. India was the world's only source of diamonds till 18th century when diamonds were found in Brazil.

4. Water on Moon: One of the most incredible contributions of India to space research was Chandrayaan 1, ISRO's lunar mission. The Indian 'Moon Impact Probe' first detected the presence of lunar water even before NASA.

5. Buttons:
Buttons were found in Indus Valley Civilisation almost 5000 years ago. Buttons were made out of seashells for ornamental purposes.

6. Flush Toilets: Flush toilets were first found in Indus Valley Civilisation. The civilisation was well known for its architecural marvel and also a well connected and organised seweage system.

7. Ink: Ink is being used in India since 4th century BCE. It was coomon in South India to write with ink and a sharp pointed needle. Many of the ancient Jain scriptures and others were written by ink.

8. Wireless Communication: Though Marconi received a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909 for development of wireless telegraphy, it was Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose who first demonstrated radio waves for communication publicly in 1895.

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