Pillow fighters took over Klafthmonos Square in Athens and Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki to revive the good, old-fashioned pillow fight from their childhood and to send a message against domestic violence, Xinhua reported.

"The only fight that is acceptable is the one with pillows and feathers," said Katerina Kechagia, a member of the organising team.With the motto "Pillow Fight, Don't Fight", Greece participated in the worldwide event in support of the Greek Association of Aid for Abused Women and Children.

The goal was to raise public awareness and gather medicine and clothes ahead of the Orthodox Easter holiday next weekend.Despite cloudy weather, people of every age group equipped for a fight - with fluffy pillows in their bags - joined the challenge and once the whistle blew, they pulled out their "weapons" and started whacking each other.

Like every game, a pillow fight also has rules, which forbid hits to the face. "I am very happy to join the pillow fight. Schools closed for Easter. I came with my friends and family to have good time before leaving for  holidays," said 13-year-old Spyros Spiliotopoulos.

This year was the seventh annual International Pillow Fight Day.The event, which is part of an urban playground movement, attracts tens of thousands of people in more than 100 cities across the globe each year.


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