The bill passed by a resounding 230 votes out of the 298 members of Parliament present, after a marathon debate stretching into the early hours that nonetheless exposed deep divisions in the governing Syriza party.

The legislation covers changes to the civil justice system, a bank deposit protection scheme and measures to shore up the liquidity of Greece's banks -- reforms that had to pass if Athens was to move forward in bailout negotiations with its creditors.

While the new law will come as a relief to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras -- who is negotiating a new bailout worth up to 86 billion euros (USD 93 billion) over three years -- it saw him suffer a major rebellion amongst MPs in his leftist Syriza party for the second time in a week.

Today's vote was seen as a key test of Tsipras' authority after he was forced to reshuffle his cabinet following a mutiny by nearly a fifth of his MPs in a separate vote on the first tranche of tough economic reforms demanded by Athens' creditors.

While the Prime Minister trimmed the rebellion from 39 'no' votes and abstentions last week to 36 on today, in both cases he was forced to rely on opposition parties to get the legislation passed.

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