In a parallel bid to break the dangerous deadlock, the Greek leader also renewed the request to international creditors for an extension of the bailout for a few days.

Tsipras did not clarify whether the banks would remain shut and capital controls would be imposed as of Monday in a bid to deal with an alarming increasing bank run during the weekend amidst fears of a looming credit event, a news agency quoted the Finance Ministry sources as saying.

According to the sources, the banks would remain closed for a week and the maximum sum savers will be able to withdraw will be less than 100 euros per day. Official announcements were expected later on Sunday at the end of a cabinet meeting which was underway.

The Leftist leader accused creditors of blackmailing Greek people to accept a harsh draft reforms for cash deal. He assured that in any case deposits were safe, that pensions and salaries would be paid normally this week and called on Greeks to keep cool.

Tsipras' address was made a few hours after the European Central Bank decided to keep the emergency liquidity assistance flow to the Greek banking system at current levels following Athens' surprise move on Saturday to call a referendum next Sunday.


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