New Delhi: Architects have resorted to using roof gardens, green walls and natural methods of ventilation to make architecture more eco-friendly in this period of climate change.

Shortage of resources, environmentally responsible construction, sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly gaining importance, Multivision Multimedia reported.

In the coming years, a sea of green, consisting of trees, flowers and tendrils, will gradually conquer sterile high-rise facades, creating a wholly new urban landscape in the process.

The trend toward Green Architecture is epitomized by one current project in particular, a complex named Bosco Verticale - " Vertical Forest".

In this project, two high-rises are home to as many trees as a 2,470-acre area of forest, and so create a green oasis in the heart of Milan, Italy.

Emporis , which is the international provider of building data, has taken the upcoming completion of this prestigious project as an opportunity to compile a list of the most exciting examples of Green Architecture.


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