Claiming that the ecological and human rights situation in India is 'steadily worsening', the NGO's Executive Board in a detailed statement attacked the government and charged that the order contains 'inaccurate and baseless' allegations.
It said in the current climate, where a 'singular and flawed' vision of development is being pushed, Greenpeace has an urgent need to continue its campaigning and the green NGO 'cannot and will not' be silenced this way.
Noting that it has resolved to resist attempts to shut it down, it said, 'You can't sink a rainbow! You can't muzzle dissent in a democracy.'  On November 6, the NGO claimed it received notice from the Registrar of Societies (RoS), summarily announcing cancellation of its registration as a society and its board was "directed to pass a special resolution and dissolve itself" within one month of the order.
"We believe this order is completely unjustified, especially, as we have complied with the law to the fullest. After a detailed review, we are convinced that the order contains several inaccurate and baseless allegations. For over a year now, the courts have upheld our right to exist despite attempts by a variety of government authorities seeking to silence our voice," it said.

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