The Home Ministry blocked foreign funding to the local branch of the environmentalist group in April as part of a wider crackdown against international and domestic Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) found to have misreported foreign aid.

Modi government took action after found holes in its balance sheet and suspended transactions for six months. "The government has made it impossible for us to operate but our employees are willing to work without pay for one month because they see that the larger commitment has always been to fight against injustice," said Greenpeace India head Samit Aich.

Greenpeace workers - who have campaigned against genetically modified crops, nuclear power and toxic waste management – cited their activism did not hurt the country's economy.

Aich added the government's attempts to silence rights groups was attracting fresh funds and their support was growing despite the crackdown. Greenpeace mentions it has more than 75,000 domestic donors but all of its local bank accounts have been blocked.

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