Washington: Three hand grenades were found in a bin in the parking lot of Walt Disney World in Florida. A cleaner spotted the grenades while emptying trash containers at the Downtown Disney area on Wednesday night.
The area where the grenades were found was reported to be a staff-only parking lot at the shopping and entertainment district, the 'Orlando Sentiel' reported.
Although the grenades were moved to a second location for security reasons, investigation showed that the hand grenades were hollowed out and posed no threat, Orange County Sheriff office told the paper.
Disney spokeswoman Kathleen Prihoda said there was minimal disruption to guests and that Downtown Disney was running normally after the incident. It still remains unclear how the grenades ended up in the bin, however, the casings are believed to be the kind used for training purposes, Jeff Williamson of Orange County Sheriff's Office said.
Known as dummy or inert hand grenades, similar grenades have been used for training soldiers and have become popular military collector's items.


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