Kolkata: Amid heart-rending tales of distraught relatives affected by the hospital blaze here, a glimmer of hope shone for the family of Aparna Chatterjee who was found to be safe after her name initially appeared in the victims' list.
After hearing of the mishap at the AMRI Hospital, Aparna's daughter Banani had gone to the spot to look for her mother, but could not find her.
Banani also checked at the other hospitals like AMRI Salt Lake and the SSKM Hospital, but her mother was not there.
"I received a call around late afternoon asking me to go once more to AMRI Dhakuria. The caller said that an aged woman, who has identified herself as Aparna, has been found," Banani said.
Responding to the call, Banani rushed back to AMRI Dhakuria where she found her mother in bed number 434.
Seeing her daughter, Aparna's first reaction was to enquire whether everyone at home was all right.
"Thick smoke was choking me. I could not lift myself from the bed. Then someone carried me away, I do not know who," Aparna said.
Meanwhile, the hospital has released a list which stated that 50 men and 39 women were among the victims of the fire.
The male victims were aged between 16 and 80 years while women were in the age group of 13 to 81. One body at the SSKM morgue is yet to be identified.