Gumla: Imagine a girl waiting to get married, suddenly gets a call that her bridegroom is not coming. Well, this was what happened in the Lauki village of Gumla district, Jharkhand on Friday when a groom refused to marry a village daughter after getting threats from the Maoists.

The unfortunate incident is the result of the feud between splinter groups of Maoists who in order to increase their influence , target the locals by branding them as supporters of the rival groups.

Maoists accuse the people of this village to be the supporters of People’s liberation Front of India (PLFI). The Sub-Zonal Commander of PLFI Mangal Nageshia lives in the neighbouring village.
This is not the first case when the groom’s side has refused to marry a girl from the village.

Incidentally, this is the same village where in pursuit of Mangal Nageshia, Maoists on May 15 had killed five people including a bridegroom by the Maoists. After receiving the threats and recent Naxal violence, people in the village are really concerned for their girls’ marriages.

The fear is so great that locals are not ready to reveal the names of those involved in the crime and inform the police about the threats.

Even the police has feigned ignorance about the incident . When contacted they said they would inquire into the matter.