Dehradun: Survey of India is installing Ground Control Points (GCP) all over the country which is meant to provide information about the various geographical locations, especially their height form sea level, latitudinal and longitudinal positioning. They are being installed in the form of permanent pillars in different parts of the country.

The information collected on the basis of the positioning of the pillars is vital to carry out big projects of both the government and the private parties. GPC system to collect such information is first going to be used for the project to link major rivers of the country.

Survey of India is putting Ground Control Point at 2200 places all over the country. Around 1800 GCPs have already been installed in different parts of the country.

Survey of India’s Research Branch in charge Virendra Dutt said that the GCP will be very helpful in inter-linking rivers. Ground Control Point would be helpful in deciding the geographical altitude at which the rivers in various parts of the country will be interlinked. Government’s ambitious Rivers Linking Project is aimed at ensuring sufficient amount of water in the all important rivers of the country which will be helpful in resolving river-water disputes among many states.