The incident of gang rape of a girl student, who is pursuing five year law course from women university of Haryana, not only proved to be hurdle for the state government but also reflects the anarchy in the state. Undoubtedly the state government takes stern action in dealing with such incidents. Haryana government rarely adopts lackadaisical attitude in checking any untoward incident.  

Generally Haryana police along with the local administration always quick to take action against the accused and starts to arrest them. Despite the alertness of police, such incidents continue to take place in the state bolstering the morale of criminals and anti-social elements. Sometimes government employee is killed for toll tax, a girl is abducted in broad daylight, acid is poured on a volleyball player, and a girl student is abducted from the college or university premises. Clearly, the girls feel that Haryana is unsafe for them to live in.

The incident puts a question mark on the credibility of university administration in dealing with any untoward situation. The new incident is being linked with previous incidents occurred not only in the state but also in the entire education world. Earlier, three girl students committed suicide. However, the police are yet to ascertain the reasons for committing suicide. Certainly, the investigation into the tragic incident will have going on, but after the long time the results should have come. Despite so many incidents, the university administration did not take lesson from them. Had the university administration taken the suicide of girl student as seriously, this incident would have not repeated. Despite several incidents in the state, university administration neither dealt with the heinous crime nor tried to know the reason behind the incident. It seems that the university administration did not take it seriously.

The incident happened at a time when this university is a part of Haryana government’s dream project. The university has no dearth of funds and is equipped with all the modern facilities. Undoubtedly, Bhupinder Singh Hooda government is concerned over education in the state. He has left no stone unturned to strengthen the education system in the state. The efforts of Hooda government have shown positive result in education sector so far. But the administrative incapability of the university has proved a hurdle in the government efforts. What’s the reason behind this? Is the responsibility of handling educational institutions in the hands of administratively incompetent persons? Either they are doing so intentionally or they are barring to give their best administrative expertise. Whatever the case may be, the government should make its stand clear as the alarming condition puts a question mark on the very functioning of the government.

The main reason behind it is the growing morale of anti-social elements. This put not only the government but also the entire state in the mess. This happened at a time when the government quick to respond the incident. As the incident surfaced, the police arrested all the four accused. No doubt, the girl students staged protest against the administration which was supported by the opposition in the state. Taking the cognizance, Education Minister Geeta Bhukhal herself visited the university to meet the girl students. The government showed seriousness in the entire episode. Question raises that despite the seriousness of the government, why do such incidents repeat? What’s the reason behind government’s failure to suppress the guts of anti-social elements. Most of the people from Haryana choose to lead a simple life and not to indulge in criminal activities. Generally, they are laborious and keep attention to their work. Very few people take undue advantage from simplicity of the majority of the people. The anti-social elements either abduct the girl students or rape them. We should find out the sources by which the anti-social elements get funding and protection. If we fail to check the growing menace, it can create a hurdle in maintaining law and order situation in the state.

In fact, Haryana has already a better track record in terms of women security. Haryana is still lagging far behind in male-female ratio in the country. Recently, the issue of atrocity against dalit women was raised in the Rajya Sabha. All the factors tarnish the image of Haryana in the country. If we donot control the situation immediately, it will put spook in the wheels of the development of state. It has become inevitable for the state to get rid of bad image of atrocity against girl students. The government should take stern step against such people protecting the anti-social elements no matter how they powerful are. They should not be let scot free. No doubt, the judicial process should be expedited for early disposal of cases.

(The author is a Resident Editor of Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh editions of Dainik Jagran)